Ryan Giggs Net Worth – How He Earned Millions?

Ryan Giggs is a legendary Manchester United player who has made millions over his career. Discover his net worth, salary, endorsements, sponsorships and investments here!


What is Ryan Giggs’ net worth? This is the question that has brought you to this page. Let’s take a quick look.

The very word “millionaire” is enough to leave any reader curious and wanting to know more about what he does for a living, how much he is worth, and, more importantly, what he does with his money.

And it does not end there. Often, we want to know all about his family, his hobbies, his lifestyle, his likes and dislikes, how he passes his time, and so on.

And finally, one thing that no one would leave out is how he makes all that money, hoping against hope to learn a thing or two so that someday we too can get lucky and live similarly.

Aren’t all these the things that came to your mind when you saw the name Ryan Giggs? Sure, you don’t just want to know what is Ryan Giggs’ net worth.

Well then, continue reading and at the end, you will know all about him and his money.

Facts about Ryan Giggs

Age 49
Born November 29th 1973
Gender Male
Height 1.79 m (5 ft 10 inches)
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Source of Wealth Professional Soccer Player

Life Of a Footballer

Celebrities have different ways to make money, and when it comes to the person here, the answer is the life of a footballer, and this has contributed to Ryan Giggs’ net worth that you are so mesmerized with today.

Well, now that would be easy, you may think? What more worries does one have than to win endless football games throughout one’s lifetime and yet get paid for it?

And yet, know that this is not as easy, and things have not always been hunky and dory for the Welsh celebrity who has gone through ups and downs, just like you and me.

After all, this is one of the best soccer players that you are reading about here, and you know that, don’t you? Ryan Giggs’ net worth is not a result of a life of fun football games.

Winning 34 trophies in one lifetime is not easy, even with a career that spans a long time of 7,934 days.

As a footballer, Giggs is mainly known for all the victories he brought to the Manchester United team.

How Did It All Begin?

The 49-year-old celebrity is worth 49 million, but you sure would want to take it from how it all started and the events that led to the great Ryan Giggs’ net worth, so here it goes.

The name is Ryan Joseph Giggs, born on the 29th of November 1973 to a rugby union player, which is of little surprise, isn’t it, considering the ball player he turned out to be.

Childhood revolved around playing football and rugby, either on the road or somewhere outside the family home.

When Giggs was six years old, he moved to Manchester, the place that later greatly benefited him.

Starting as a small-time footballer and then making it to the life of a celebrity, winning game after game before moving on to the life of a coach, surely came with its own set of challenges, for which one needs to give the millionaire due credit.

What Happened Next?

And then came the teen years, when the budding young Giggs was chosen to be a part of Dean FC, which is the local team. This was followed by his entry into Manchester City’s School of Excellence. Even then, the young Giggs continued to play for Salford.

Things change when your talent gets observed, and things change when Harold Wood, the steward of Old Trafford, observes Giggs. And that was when Giggs got the offer of a two-year associate schoolboy form.

You are happy about all that you have come across in reading about him, aren’t you?

And that’s how Giggs made his professional debut, which was only sometime later, in the year 1998, rising to the rank that passionate youth players rise to.

The money that led to the great Ryan Giggs’ net worth came only much later when the footballer began to reach the peak of his career; this sure would have called for many punishing and long hours of practice.

The Steady Stream of Successes

That said, the Premier League was founded in the year 1993, only five years before, and for Giggs, this has played an important role as he soon became appointed as the team’s first-choice left winger, a post that was soon to make a difference for the future of the young footballer and all his fans too.

To make it clearer, here is a small table giving you some of the details on the star’s Premier League statistics, as you are not here to know only about Ryan Giggs’ net worth, are you?

Position Midfielder
Appearances 632
Goals 109
Yellow Cards 36
Red Cards 0
Premier League Teams Played For Manchester United

Ryan Giggs was soon to make Manchester United among the world’s richest soccer teams. He won the young player of the Year award in 1994, and that is how his career with Manchester progressed, this one just being the first big success.

It was not long before Giggs took the team to the UEFA Champions League Finals, and that is where Giggs won the FA Cup.

And here is the best part. The star got to play alongside some of the big names, including David Beckham, Ronaldo, and Paulo Scholes.

But then, most of you already knew that, didn’t you? Like Ryan Giggs’ net worth, this is another interesting fact to most of you.

All these successes went on to make Giggs the face of some renowned brands, some of which even included the most expensive watches in the world.

That said, Giggs has made almost 1000 team appearances, won 35 medals, and two big trophies.

Now you know what led to Ryan Giggs’ net worth and that it wasn’t all easy.

What About the Money?

Let’s find out about his money, so read on.

2011 $13.5 million
2012 $6.4 million
2013 $966,000
2014 $3.9 million
2022 $4 million

It is no surprise that Giggs should have been wealthy during his career. As someone shining in a field like this, it is only reasonable that the star would soon begin to demand a high fee for his many successes, fees that led to what you see today as Ryan Giggs’ net worth.

And it is these, along with the many brand endorsements, that went on to make Giggs one of the world’s richest athletes.

Let’s not forget that the star also ran a successful club that he managed, which played a great role in contributing to Ryan Giggs’ net worth.

How Much Did Giggs Earn Annually?

Ryan Giggs earned an impressive net worth, that is, on an annual basis, which later went on to become the millionaire that he is.

He has struck some of the most lucrative deals with global brands from different parts of the world. Some names worth mentioning here are Givenchy, Reebok, and Fuji films.

He later became the manager of the Manchester United and the Welsh National team.

What About Marriage?

Celebrity life is not interesting without marriage and a family. Being a millionaire is no fun if you have your own self to spend the big bucks on, and this was not lost on Ryan Giggs.

Yes, as most of you would already know, Giggs tied the knot in 2007 with his long-time partner in a private ceremony. Stacey Cooke and Giggs lived a happy life for a decade in the process of raising two kids.

Sadly, the marriage ended in 2017, with news about it hitting the headlines. No one likes divorces among happily married celebrity couples, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, this did not stop Giggs from continuing with his strong media presence, despite all the rumors about the celebrity’s personal life.

A look into the star’s official Twitter account would reveal that he is still a well-loved celebrity with a huge fan following, especially for his role as the manager of the Wales national team.

Speak A Little On the Awards

After the big bucks, if there is another thing that most people want to know when it comes to the life of a celebrity is his many achievements and, with that, the awards that they got him.

If you are one of them, here goes.

Gigg’s career is one that revolves around a number of trophies, awards, and championships, which should be hardly surprising. This is more so with his achievements in the iconic club.

He has, over the years, won many accolades, which only went on to become a part of his career.

It is no surprise that Giggs should have been extremely wealthy. As someone shining in a field like this, it is only reasonable that the star would soon begin to demand a high fee for his many successes.

And it is these, along with the many brand endorsements, that went on to make Giggs a world-famous athlete.

1992 Named PFA young player of the Year
1994 Helps Manchester United win the FA Cup
1996 Named Welsh Footballer of the Year
2005 Inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame
2011 Scored the Champion’s League (the oldest person in history to do so)

Today, Giggs is no longer active in the field of football, though he sure has a lifetime of achievements. And then there is the club that he still manages, bringing him wealth and maybe some more awards that you will be able to see in the future.

And Where Does the Money Go

Now this is an interesting part that some of you would have been waiting for. Where does the celebrity spend his money?

While some buy houses and islands, this celebrity spends his money on cars.

This should not be surprising because you are reading about an athlete. And so, when not on the football field, Ryan Giggs perhaps loves being out on the roads with one of his many expensive cars.

This is what makes up for a chunk of the star’s wealth and assets. Of these, the most popular is his Bentley Continental GT Mulliner.

Cars are not the only beautiful thing that the star has as a part of his assets.

Giggs has a beautiful home too, and while you can’t see it here, suffice to know that being the house of a millionaire, it is beautiful.

Not only is it big but also very luxurious, located in the state of Salford, on a sprawling estate that anyone would want to be on.

Within a cinema and bar, so much that it would make one think that the celebrity would never want to leave his home on a Saturday evening, as he’s got his entertainment inside it.

The home was, however, sold three years back, a year after the lockdown in 2021. How much was it sold for? For those of you who would want to know, the home was sold for $3.4 million, so if you regret not having bought it, don’t.

This is a home most people can’t afford, and hey, your home is beautiful too.

The Highlights Of Ryan Giggs

The person you just read about here has made his mark in the world of football and is not a billionaire with the big bucks. Here is someone who made it big with a passion that began right from an early age, coupled with years of hard work, for which he deserves true credit.

Records and awards are what his football career has revolved around, and though not as active today, he continues to play a role in giving the game a better shape.

He mainly does this through his work as a manager, by which he has contributed much to the game.

1990 Signed with Manchester United after his first professional break
1999 Man of the match on winning a goal against Palmeiras, giving Manchester United the Intercontinental Cup
2004 Won four trophies with Manchester United in the fourth FA Cup final
2010 First-ever league penalty against Tottenham Hotspur
2013 Player-coach for Manchester United

A Few Quotes From the Celebrity

Everyone wants to know what a celebrity has to say, especially if what he has are some words of wisdom to those aspiring to be like him in this day and age.

Do you agree? Then, you sure are one of them, and in that case, read on, as here are some lines from what he has to say.

  • “It’s not just the players; it’s the culture. Sometimes it’s the people around them, the people who are looking after them – the money they’re given. Some of the families give up their jobs and live off their sons. That would never have happened 10 years ago.” – Ryan Giggs.
  • “You get yourself prepared for a big game; you get yourself up for it. Then afterward you don’t sleep or eat properly.” – Ryan Giggs.
  • “I had my footballing heroes such as Bryan Robson and Diego Maradona, but my dad was a rugby league star, and he was my real hero. But the relationship with my mum was rocky, and we saw things that would affect any youngster.” – Ryan Giggs.
  • “What you’ve got to realize is that footballers, and me in particular, have seen everything in the changing room. Everything. I’ve seen the manager kicking off with the players, the players kicking off with him, players fighting each other, managers fighting, everything.” – Ryan Giggs.
  • “When you lose a game or don’t play well, you can’t wait for the next one because it soon disappears, the disappointment.” – Ryan Giggs.

Apart from finding out how to earn an income similar to Ryan Giggs’ net worth, the above are just a few things that the celebrity millionaire has taught the world.

And why wouldn’t you? These are words for a man with years of a prolific career, a result of his learning and hard work that brought him the big money and the big success.

So, aren’t you glad that the celebrity had the chance to sit for several interviews without which we would not have all the above words?

You are glad, aren’t you? Now, you know that success is not always about achievements and inspiration. There are the bog defeats that are going to come, and now the star has shared with you some insights on how you can handle some of them.

Lessons To Learn From Ryan Giggs

You can’t get enough of Ryan Giggs, can you? And that holds with all celebrities with a wealth of insights to give you.

Everyone adores them for their knowledge of their past experiences and what they can teach aspiring people like you.

So, want some more lessons from the life of the celebrity? Then read on to learn some more things that the star has to teach you.


Never be hot-headed, be it in the field of life or out there on the field, playing the game. Discipline is of utmost importance if you want to get through your game.

Therefore, no matter what happens in life or during play, you should always be calm and have a positive attitude.

That said, here is a lesson from the life of Giggs. Giggs played for 24 seasons in Manchester, and what do we see from what he did here?

We see the fact that he was never sent off for bad behavior, which is indeed an achievement considering the man that he is.

Well, this gives us some things about humility that we can learn from, isn’t it.?

Use Your Fame For Good

That brings you to the next thing you can learn apart from Ryan Giggs’ net worth, life, and behavior. Wealth and success often make one compromise on his values, and that is something the celebrity has, through his life, taught the world not to do.

Giggs was a man of an active life, always up and about, doing something to make a difference in this little world.

Here’s hoping this has taught you a thing or two.

So, how did Giggs spend his life when not on the field, and what are the things that he went on to do?

For one, he worked as an ambassador for UNICEF, UK, which is not an easy thing to do. That only brings to the reader’s mind a picture of the active man that Giggs was and surely is too.

He launched several projects, most of them in Thailand and other parts of the world.

Don’t Forget Your Roots

Success often leads one to forget his roots, and that is another thing that Giggs has taught the world not to do, with his lessons on humility, even with all his success at Manchester United.

So, what did Giggs do at the end of it all? No, he did not settle on a luxurious island.

Rather, the celebrity went back to his hometown in Wales, where he chose to settle, as that’s where he was born and would want to spend his last days too.

So, What Is the Star Doing Now?

Reading up till here would have left many of you curious about what the star is doing now back at home.

Giggs is no lazy retired person, even after years of hanging up his football boots.

After all, no one would accept this from a footballer on the field for a glittering 24 years, would they?

As you already saw, the ex-footballer is the co-owner of Salford City FC, where he works hard in his partnership with Gary Neville.

But then, like any other human being, the star has had his share of bad days too, a recent one being only a year back when assault and controlling behavior led him to trial in court.

The star was accused of having assaulted his ex, Kate Greville, along with her sister Emma Greville, though he denied these charges against him.

However, the trial led him to step down from his role as the Wales manager in his own words.

“It is only right that the Wales FA, the coaching staff, and the players prepare for the tournament with certainty, clarification, and without speculation around the position of their head coach.”

The celebrity further mentions that he wished for the case to have happened much earlier so that he could soon resume his responsibilities with all allegations against him cleared. He continues.

“I do not want the country’s preparations for the World Cup to be affected, destabilized, or jeopardized in any way by the continued interest around this case.”

But you, as the reader, can only cross your fingers and hope that the best will come to be.


What can you conclude from this all? Well, for one, it is clear that all that Giggs has achieved to this date is not to be blamed on luck but something more, and that is true for anyone who wants to make it big today too.

Hailing from a Welsh background, the budding footballer has indeed come a long way, turning his passion into a profession that has brought him all the wealth and success he has today.

While what most people see on the outside is an impressive fortune, the truth is that it is all a reward well deserved, even if it means spending most of his life playing a ball game.

And it is only obvious that this is all likely to grow, and with that, the world is only going to be happier for him, be it with the wealth he accumulates or the sporting achievements he continues to show.

That’s a lot you learned about the star, didn’t you? And you sure would have enjoyed all that you got to know.

Yet, it feels like you haven’t got enough, right? Don’t worry; you’ll still be hearing a lot more in time, so cross your fingers as you wait for what you have in store with regard to Ryan Giggs’ net worth.

And till then, recollect all that you learned from the celebrity’s life and reflect on the things you think you need to take home.

Here’s hoping that this wealthy but humble life not just taught you a thing or two but gave you a few anecdotes that could change your life too.

Frequently asked questions

Does Giggs intend to use his money on charity?

According to a 2014 interview with the Manchester Evening News, Giggs once revealed that he wants to give back to humanity, and so yes, the star does aim to perform works of charity.

Does Ryan Giggs Have Children?

The celebrity has two children, Zachary Joseph Giggs and Liberty Beau Giggs, both of whom are from his first marriage with Stacey Cooke.

Was it easy for the celebrity to sell his mansion?

It took the star 18 months to get the mansion sold. After all, not everyone comes forward to purchase a luxurious mansion though everyone wants to live in one such mansion.

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